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Thanks to the Work of Our Volunteers

We welcome all healthcare professionals and educators to join our mission. Depending on your areas of interest or expertise, we could arrange a trip suited to your skills.

We are happy to coordinate your time with healthcare professionals in Peru in order that you might learn more about jungle medicine. 

There are many roles for non-medical volunteers on our trips. And while we have bilingual guides to assist with our day-to-day work, we welcome people who have conversational Spanish skills.



Along the Napo River



In the community



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Internships & Student Rotations

We would like to extend a welcome to any university, medical or graduate student who would like to work

in the lower Napo River region of the jungle to collect data for research projects or complete a practicum.  Depending on the particular needs of the individuals involved or those of the university, we will be happy to assist with any planning or logistical details.

We also provide oversight and learning opportunities for students or residents wishing to complete the field study of their university major or residency. For students accepted into our program, we will provide the university with a course outline of practical experience, defining goals and objectives with timelines, as well as appropriate follow-up requirements.

For more information please contact us at info@dbperu.org


Adventures on Your Trip

You will meet the gentle people in the villages along the Napo River and see the huts that they live in and the canoes they make by hand

Although most of our time is on the river or in the villages, we will add adventures to your trip – jungle hikes with experienced guides: early morning canoe rides for bird watching, spotting monkeys and sloths. And, you will meet the gentle people in the villages along the Napo River and see the huts that they live in and the canoes they make by hand. You will be interacting with real people during their daily lives.

Spanish is the common language in the jungle. There are many tribal languages, but the children learn Spanish in school and it is the accepted common language. However, if you speak little or no Spanish, we have a bilingual guide who will assist you. There is no English spoken in the jungle.

Share in Our Mission

So come, bring your camera and your sense of adventure and share in our mission of bringing better healthcare to the villages in the Amazon rainforest.

Trip Costs, Planning & Preparing

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