Get Involved

Help Support DB Peru

We can’t do it without you – all of our work is accomplished by volunteers.

With your participation in our volunteer opportunities, you will directly strengthen the impact of the mission.

Opportunities to help and support our work:


Volunteer on jungle trip

Do a clinical rotation or an internship

Assist with social media

Document our work through photography and videography

Assist with administrative tasks

Search for grants

Write grants

Organize or host a fundraising event

Become a member of a committee for a fundraising event

Promote DB Peru through speaking engagements

Assist with in-kind giving promotions

Assist with legal, accounting, or financial planning work

Participate on Board committees of programs, communication / marketing, or development / fundraising

Use our travel services

We also welcome new ideas for programs, and joining with other like-minded organizations or groups to

Partner and augment our work