Medicine Hut Project

This exciting project is underway to build medicine huts in jungle villages in order to have supplies of medicines where there are no pharmacies. The sponsor of this project is Altro, a company in England that will test their cladding products in the jungle environment by the construction of medicine and storage huts in select villages. Leaders in each village are mobilizing local people to carry out construction in the local MINGA fashion of building. Renzo Peña is overseeing the construction with architect Maga Guanilo of Lima, in association with STEMA. Started in March 2019, there will be monthly construction trips planned July through September.  If any volunteers are interested in assisting, please contact

Update July 15, 2020

The large storage building in San Pedro is complete, as well as the community hut in Irlanda,  Due to delays in cutting wood and the coronavirus quarantine, this project was pushed back until quarantine was lifted.  Now that boat traffic has resumed, the communities of Isla Yarina and Primero de Enero have been able to secure roofing materials to complete their huts.