Our Mission


Our Vision


Our Ethics

Our Mission:

The mission of DB Peru is to partner with local communities to facilitate sustainable access to healthcare and education for the people of the Amazon. This is done through…

Our Vision:

DB Peru will empower people to be leaders and advocates for creating sustainable solutions for their own health care needs. Our Guiding Principles are:

Delivering competent healthcare with compassion, dignity and respect

Offering hope

Providing services without restrictions or barriers

Advocating for those in need

Operating with a code of ethics

Fostering a new generation of volunteers and leaders

Listening to the needs of the people

Committing to sustainable and long-term solutions

DB Peru's

Code of Ethics

It is our position to, first and foremost, respect

and preserve the culture of the peoples of the Peruvian Amazon

and of all people in Peru.

Understanding that our presence in the villages of Peru will effect change, when faced with decision-making, we will make decisions with as little impact for cultural change as possible.

We will be good stewards of resources, seeking the most economical methods to obtain our goals of better health or more accessible healthcare for the Peruvian people.

We will honor our donors by acknowledging their gifts with thanks and feedback.

When bringing new education or information to the people, it will be based on sound principles established by Peruvian standards of health advocated by the Minister of Health in Peru.

When seeking resources for the organization, we will be honest, presenting our situations and projects to be as clearly understood as possible.

We will work within the laws of the United States and Peru in obtaining and reporting our funding and resources.



Join us for a life-changing journey to the Peruvian Amazon. Share your talents and expertise to improve access to healthcare and education for the people in the villages of the jungle. Experience the unique culture and daily life while making a difference in the lives of those who reside by the banks of the Napo River.