DB Peru

Sponsors and Partners

DB Peru would like to acknowledge our sponsors and partners who have donated generously to further our mission. In addition, through grants we have developed programs such as prevention of cervical cancer, prevention of gender-based violence, and reduction of maternal and infant morbidity and mortality. Support also comes from individuals, community organizations, foundations and other NGOs.

We would like to acknowledge our biggest supporters:

The World Bank

for their grant for our Gender-based Violence Prevention project

Together Women Rise

(Previously Dining for Women)

for their grant for our Cervical Cancer project

Josephine VanDevender Ward and

the Cartinhour-Woods Foundation

for their grant to develop a self-sustaining business for income stream

Gam Klutier

The very talented artist and painter from Holland, for donating his paintings to support our work

Scott Dennis

for donating thousands of reading glasses for more than 10 years

Kindness in Action

NGO in Canada for their professional dental teams bringing dental treatment and care twice a year

Clinica Santa Isabel

in Lima, Peru for donations of medical equipment and direct support

St. Isidore’s Catholic Community

in Macomb, MI for giving generously for programs for maternal and child health

Newton College

in Lima, Peru for providing DB Peru with a platform for students to learn about positively contributing to society and give them a relevant real-world example of people who are taking meaningful action, as well as organizing a fundraising event


Association Leon

for their support with our scholarship program

Terry and Judy Seymour

for their support with our scholarship program

Living in Peru

news magazine for publicizing our work and events

Explorama Lodges

for assisting us with keeping costs lower for volunteers

Otto Kunz

for providing food, personnel and setup of lovely buffet at every fundraising event held in Lima


for their grant for production of a publicity video for DB Peru

Gary Bowie

for his continued individual support