Deysi – Follow-up

One of our hallmark programs is follow-up of patients of concern in the river villages.  Many of our volunteers have been involved with these visits.  At any given time, there are patients in the river villages who have serious chronic illnesses, or acute illness that needs to be followed to assure that they are improving.

Update July 17, 2020

Six months ago Deysi had more surgery and is now walking with crutches. This brave little girl has endured a lot of pain and interruption in her 10 year old life, but she is back on track.
Even though DB Peru has paid for much of her medical bills, her father had to sell his boat and could not finish the building of the family hut due to expenses. They were living on a platform with a roof, but no walls.
At our DB Peru Gala in October, the students from the San Silvestre school in Lima set up a table to paint butterflies on attendee’s faces and received donations for their handiwork.
This money was earmarked for the completion of the hut.  We are pleased to share that Deysi’s father told us he was ready to build and the money has been already sent to him.

Meet Deysi. She is in every way a normal nine-year-old girl who loves playing with her dolls and her little sister. She lives in one of the Napo River communities visited by DB Peru. In September, her normal life took an abrupt turn when a large tree branch fell on her and broke both of her legs. She was in the hospital for five months and underwent three surgeries. She is now home and healed. But being far from medical care in the city, she has not received any rehabilitation or physical therapy. Without good instructions or close follow up, she has lost the ability to walk. On our most recent trip to the jungle, we brought her a wheelchair so that she will be able to begin attending school again (which she has!). And after a recent visit, her surgeon has cleared her to start physical therapy. Deysi is strong and brave. She will get better. But she needs help. We are looking for a Spanish-speaking physical therapist who would be willing to come help Deysi with intensive therapy for a couple of weeks on the river to give her every chance possible to return to being the active, happy, healthy girl she is. If you or someone you know might be interested, please contact If you are not able to participate but would like to support work to help a therapist visit Deysi and the many other people DB Peru helps in these remote communities, please consider making a donation.

We want to thank all the volunteers who have helped with the support of care products and needs for Deysi.