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Palliative care research to begin – death and dying in the jungle

Dr Sara Warzecka will lead the Palliative Care initiative on our April jungle trip.  To begin the research, she will be surveying leaders and health workers to investigate current attitudes and practice about death and dying in jungle communities.  She is joined by medical students from the University of Warwick in England and from Denver, Colorado.  In addition, clinical exams and treatments will be offered in the villages visited.

Dr. Allie Kreiner will be following-up with women about their HPV  and Pap smear results from previous visits, performing visual inspection and cryotherapy if needed.  HPV vaccines will be available to young girls 9-13 years of age.

DB Peru Director Sharon Blackburn will be the  leader for this 2 week trip.

Back from the jungle September 2016

28 volunteers from around the world participated in our September jungle trip dedicated to cervical cancer and HPV.  Women came from 8 villages to learn more about the disease.  73 women had pelvic examinations with collection of specimens for pap smear and HPV, including some who needed treatment with cryotherapy.

In addition a medical clinic was conducted for all adults and children.  Games kept the children occupied while formal education was given.
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Volunteers from around the world participated in ABCS project

In October the clinical phase of the ABCS Women’s Project got underway with volunteers from 8 countries from around the world.  Medical Director Dr. Geordan Shannon and the group visited 6 villages by boat, consulted with 129 women, did 72 gynaecological exams, performed 69 pap smears, performed HPV self-sampling on 66 women, and performed cryotherapy on 21 women who had abnormal changes on their cervix.   Followup on these women and visits to additional villages will be done in 2016 and 2017.

Earlier in July Dr. Shannon conducted the educational phase of the ABCS project.  Over 10 days classes were held about cervical cancer and HPV.  Special educational booklets were developed as one of the resources for the women in the region, marking the first time materials have been produced reflecting the life and look of the people in the jungle.  By adapting materials to depict the way of in the jungle communities we believe it will pave the way for better understanding in the classes.