DB Peru is proud to work with many amazing volunteers who share their talents and professional expertise so freely. They are the key to making our programs a success.  Since 2002, over 700 volunteers from around the world have journeyed with us to provide continuous education and health care to more than 5,000 people in the 25 villages of the lower Napo River rainforest of the Peruvian Amazon jungle.

Here is the impact of the experience captured in their own words.

Traveling to and from work on the Lady Di, mosquitos, a different village each day, jiggers, people of meager means but family strong waiting patiently to see us, snakes, clinics in concrete school rooms, cold showers, pisco, jungle heat and humidity, home visits to houses built on stilts with ladders instead stairs, tarantulas falling on the dining table, the music of the jungle at night, canopy walk, Shaman botanical cures, smiles after glasses are fitted, sloths, do it yourself charcoal mounds, mariposas, Dr. Linnea’s clinic – the best bathroom stop on the Napo, pink dolphins…….all made better and memorable by those that share the journey with us.

Thank you for the destination of your friendship. It was wonderful traveling and working with all of you!!!
Anne Griswold


I have had two great trips to the Napo River with DB Peru. In October 2012 I joined the women’s project and in March 2013 I helped with a more general health project. Both were wonderful experiences. I enjoyed having the opportunity to work in a team with medical professionals and to use my Spanish in earnest. Getting close to children and adults with very limited access to healthcare in the jungle outside Iquitos was also special. It is satisfying to know that you can really make a difference by volunteering with DB Peru.

Helen Dauris , Lima, Peru
(Wife of United Kingdom Ambassador to Peru)

Upon arriving to Iquitos, we (28 of us including 5 doctors, 7 dentists, nurses, medical students and dental hygienists from the States and Canada) were taken straight to a dock on the Amazon from where we took a beautiful three hour ride on first the incredibly huge Amazon and then the Napo river to the Explonapo lodge, our home for the next three days. Our work began the second day when boxes and boxes of donated supplies and equipment were loaded onto two of the Explorama boats and taken to Chapas, the first village. We unloaded everything, with the help of villagers who were waiting for us, into an open covered area, set up as best as we could, and began work. The next two days were similar, but in San Pedro. In the three days, a total of 350 patients were seen by the doctors and a total of 125 extractions and 25 fillings (using a generator the dentists had brought for the purpose) were done by the dentists. They were busy, tiring days, especially because of the heat and the insects, but very rewarding. The need, but also the simplicity and the trust in us of the local people treated, was very moving. The ingenuity of the doctors and dentists who managed admirably in the rustic conditions, was amazing. I got to know a group of wonderful people under very special circumstances.

These are some of the high points of an amazing, eye-opening, awesome adventure.

Patsy Salazar, Teacher
Lima, Peru


Everything I love about being a nurse is here…..
No computers, policies, procedures, diagnostics, insurance…just the pure practice of nursing …
With my hands, my head and my heart I have the opportunity to touch the lives of many people.
The experience of working in a remote village in the jungle with a dedicated team of medical personnel is the essence of nursing for me.
Each morning when you sling your backpack over your shoulder and step on the boat for an early morning ride up the Napo River headed to work for the day it is the best commute in the world!
DB Peru has filled a life long dream of mine to practice the art of nursing in a remote corner of Peru with the sounds of the jungle all around!

Thank you Diana!
Sharon Blackburn, RN
Wilton, NH

My first volunteer trip with DBPeru was in April 2011. I am about to embark upon my 4th.
This alone bears testimony to how committed I feel to donating my time and effort in assisting DBPeru.
I urge those interested in sustainable healthcare for the indigenous people of the Napo River region to sign up as a volunteer: Experience first hand the compassionate and professional healthcare Diana and Renzo are providing for people in the region.
The beauty of the Amazon touches me but the people even more so. They are grateful and gracious upon receiving healthcare services that the would not have access to, were it not for the continued efforts of DBPeru.

Yvonne Galloway
London, England and Houston, TX

This was a special trip indeed for. Thanks so much to Diana for such an amazing job off organizing us all. To do so is no small feat . And also always in such a gracious manner whether dealing with all if us or the patients and families. Witnessing unconditional care and regard for especially the people who may be marginalized in our world is refreshing This is what refreshes us since we are often caught up in our fast paced world. Great job indeed.
Annette Allegro, RN
New Jersey