Technological advances have slowly made their way to the jungle communities with more telephone and solar panels sprouting up along the river communities.

DB Peru’s past efforts have included the installation of radios in the jungle communities. Those efforts are now being redirected to electronically connect doctors and healthcare workers from nearby clinics and hospitals directly to the villages. Telemedicine is coming to the jungle!


TechnologyDB Peru works hard to assure the clinics and hospitals along the lower Napo River are stocked with the basic equipment and supplies necessary to provide ongoing patient care. Instruments and equipment rust quickly in the heat and humidity of the jungle necessitating their continual restoration and replacement. We rely heavily on donations to ensure all equipment is clean and in working order. By bringing services closer to the people, many of their healthcare needs are met nearer to home, reducing the need for them to travel in already compromised medical conditions.


TechnologyDB Peru has recently transitioned from the delivery of free medicines to a program of sustainable medication acquisition using resources within the lower Napo communities. Each village has a lay healthcare worker called a health promotor. The people in the villages pool their monies to be given to the promotores who, in turn, purchase medicines from the government clinics and pharmacies for resale back in the villages.  This allows for people to access over-the-counter medicines more easily within their own community.

Past donations of medical equipment, supplies and medicines have been made to the jungle clinics in Mazán, Orellana, Santa Clotilde, Tamanco, Yanashi, Mangua, Puinahua as well the three hospitals in Iquitos.