In 2013, a large rustic lodge and 11 hectares were donated to DB Peru in the village of San Pedro, along the lower Napo River and within traveling distance of many of the communities we serve. With the help of a grant from the benevolent organization La Asociación de Cónyuges Diplomáticos Acreditados en Perú in Lima, specialty jungle trips have been made to make improvements and repairs.  Because of this DB Peru is pleased to announce the opening of its very first Eco-Lodge Health and Nutrition Center, which proudly boasts of a fish farm and 2 houses to raise chickens.

The two-story structure is used for a variety of purposes. The upper floor has 6 bedrooms providing space for volunteers and researchers who are staying in the jungle for extended time.  A classroom has been set up for teaching professional classes to midwives and promotores, as well as community programs in dental hygiene, nutrition and other lifestyle practices.

La Asociación de Cónyuges Diplomáticos Acreditados en Perú assisted with another grant to purchase a dental chair enabling us to have our very first dental clinic, housed on the first floor of the Eco-Lodge. Local community workers are employed in the upkeep and oversight of the lodge. And, when the lodge is used to for extended stays, local cooks are brought in to prepare meals.