Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the top 10 causes of deaths in the world, and one of the biggest killers of all the infectious diseases. Lack of public awareness is one of the greatest problems associated with the disease. As a result, approximately 3 million people are not aware they have active tuberculosis and, almost half of those will die this year.

Infectious DiseasesIn the area surrounding the lower Napo River, there are many infectious and vector-born diseases.  The government of Peru has good programs free of cost to address diagnosis and treatment.  However, accessing these programs can be difficult for people living in remote regions.

Our Infectious Disease project addresses the most commonly occurring diseases in the area:   tuberculosis, malaria and leishmaniasis.

Seminars are given in each village to provide information about the symptoms of the disease, where to go for diagnosis if one suspects he/she has the disease, what the expected treatments might be and where to obtain the medicines.  Pamphlets with information are given to each attendee and health post for referral.