Sex EducationSex Education Class

DB Peru believes education is the key to building sustainable healthcare delivery options for the people of the lower Napo River villages. Classes and educational events are held throughout the year on different topics.

Midwife Class:

DB Peru organizes 2-day classes for midwives (parteras in Spanish). Our focus is on safe deliveries as well as prenatal and post-delivery care and care of the newborn.  The learning curriculum is based on guidelines from the Minister of Health in Peru. Classes are taught by local doctors and nurse-midwives (obstetrices) from clinics and hospitals, and are often joined by visiting foreign doctors. At the end of each class, those who complete the program receive a certificate and a delivery kit – a basin filled gloves, scissors, umbilical clamps, suction bulb, soap, pads, measuring tape and other necessary supplies to be used during childbirth.

During the classes, experienced midwives from the jungle – many with more than 25 years of experience – share their knowledge of local care. One of the advantages of the classes is the networking of the midwives from the different villages, encouraging the newer ones to call on the more experienced midwives as resources.

Promotor Classes:

A Promotor is a lay healthcare worker who is either elected by the community, or who has shown an interest in healthcare and has been accepted by the community as the promotor. Most promotores spend a week with doctors in local clinics in order to further their healthcare knowledge. Some return for more education, but many go back to their villages and assume the role of caretaker for the village’s health care needs.

We believe the better educated the promotor, the better the health of the community. DB Peru organizes 2-day classes for the promotores, taught by professional staff from the local clinics. At the end of the class, promotores receive certificates of attendance and a parting gift of first aid supplies.

Annual Health Fair and Soccer Tournament “Copa DB Peru”:


Our Health Fair has become an excellent opportunity to reach hundreds of people with public health and first aid education. It’s also a great day of fun and activities for both the children and adults of the 25 communities in our region. From demonstrations of nutritional food combinations to dental classes for children to the use of traditional herbs and plants for healing, there is something for everyone.

The “Copa DB Peru” Soccer Tournament is played throughout the day, with village teams competing for the title.  Competition is serious and fierce but the play is fun and the community relationships are strengthened by the event. The stakes are high with all teams vying for the trophy and game ball along with new soccer jerseys for the winners.