Dental care along the lower Napo River has been fairly non-existent. According to Mayor Edward Reategui, there is one dentist for 15,000 people in the district of Mazan.  Working with the Canadian NGO Kindness in Action, DB Peru offers bi-annual dental clinics held in the villages. Both adults and children are now able to receive more advanced dental care including cleanings, fillings and extractions.

Brushing TeethDB Peru is pleased to announce the opening of the Eco-Lodge, a dedicated area for ongoing dental work. The building is being equipped with a dental chair, a generator, exam light and autoclave.

Dental hygiene classes are offered as a regular part of our education in the villages, decreasing the need for extractions.  The classes are very popular with the children who line up for new toothbrushes during the visits.  Professors from the dental university in Iquitos have since joined the effort and people are receiving ongoing dental care for the first time in their lives.

Dental Hygiene Classes