In memorium, this program was initiated to honor Norma Louise Stainsby, who spent many years of her life teaching nursing to young students.  When she was in her mid-60s, she served in the Peace Corp in Malawi, Africa, and met future husband, Dr. Donald Stainsby. 

Applicants for this program are selected from the jungle villages where we work.  They must have completed secondary school (high school) successfully and have recommendations from teachers and community members.  Preferably they will be between 16-25 years old.

The 3-year programs are for técnico enfermera (nurse technician) or for pharmacy or laboratory technician.  When a student graduates, he/she can work in a clinic or hospital on staff, or work independently in a government clinic.  In the case of the nurse technician, their work is mostly technical, hands-on, such as giving medications, starting IVs, suturing, etc.

The school, Reyna de las Americas, was chosen due to its good reputation and its central location in Iquitos, the jungle city.   The Director was so impressed with this scholarship program of bringing students from the jungle that she has at times matched our scholarships with one from the school, allowing us to bring 2 students into the program for every student we pay for.  According to her, there are no other scholarship programs such as this available to children from the jungle in this region.

Due to economic conditions of the families in the jungle, the scholarship program will occasionally provide funding for not only the cost of the school, but also the expenses of the student to live in the city.  This will vary depending on the resources of the student and his/her family.