Peru has some of the highest incidence and mortality rates of cervical cancer in the world. Remote Amazonian women are dying from cervical cancer too young, without adequate screening or diagnosis, placing enormous burdens on their families, communities and the healthcare system.

In response to the concerns about cervical cancer, we began our Women’s Project in 2011 providing education about women’s health and screening for cervical and breast cancer to any woman who wished the exam. Included was sex-education for teens, seminars on aging and family planning.

The project has now evolved into a formal program called The Amazon Community Based Participation Cervical Cancer Screen-and-Treat (ABCS) Program  which will provide resources to deliver an innovative cervical cancer screen-and-treat program. The project involves education and investment in the training of local service providers as well as collaboration with local health services.

Women's Project

The project itself has 3 major elements:

  • Formal research with data collection about demographics, general health and women’s health
  • Education with materials specifically developed for the women of the Amazon region
  • Screening and clinical intervention in the villages, as well as HPV vaccinations for young girls.

The program is being managed by Dr Geordan Shannon of the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at University College London.  She was invited to present the project at the National Institutes of Health Conference on Cervical Cancer in Rotterdam, Holland in June 2015. Our presentation in Sevilla, Spain at the International EUROGIN Conference in February 2015 received high praise from both researchers and attendees.


Dining for Women

We are pleased to announce that DB Peru has been awarded a generous grant from the NGO Dining for Women (DFW) to help fund the ABCS program.


plate onlyThe mission of Dining for Women (http://diningforwomen.org) is to inspire, educate and engage people to invest in grassroots programs that make a meaningful difference for women and girls living in extreme poverty in developing countries “Changing the World One Dinner at a Time”.

The YouTube videos shared for the Dining for Women grant are the following:

DB Peru Program Interview      https://youtu.be/izm9lpxSHXo

A conversation with DB Peru    https://youtu.be/3DNvJAVWH1Q