Dental trip goes to Chulucanas

Once again the Kindness in  Action NGO from Canada joined us in Peru, this time in the northern town of Chulucanas.  More than 1000 dental treatments were provided in record-setting heat.  The team of 23 volunteers consisted of 8 dentists, accompanied by dental assistants and helpers.  Local Lima dentist Nickolas Koenig participated as well.

People received extractions, fillings and cleanings, as well as almost non-stop education on dental hygiene.

The mayor of Chulucanas presented each one of the group with a certificate of appreciation and a gift of a local ceramic, for which Chulucanas is famous.  A tour was given to see the local artisans at their craft.


Parade Magazine – DB Peru rated a top charity that keeps giving all year long

We are delighted to be listed in Parade’s article about Top-Rated Charities for giving during the holidays and throughout the year. Toward the bottom of the article (click below) it reads:
Give the gift of good health 
In 2001, Diana Bowie visited Peru as a tourist and learned of the massive healthcare needs—education, supplies and treatment—of people living in jungle communities. Ever since, this retired American ER nurse has been organizing trips (over 70 and counting) to bring medical care and knowledge to the most remote places in the Amazon River region of Peru.

Top-Rated Charities that Keep Giving All Year Long


Back from the jungle September 2016

28 volunteers from around the world participated in our September jungle trip dedicated to cervical cancer and HPV.  Women came from 8 villages to learn more about the disease.  73 women had pelvic examinations with collection of specimens for pap smear and HPV, including some who needed treatment with cryotherapy.

In addition a medical clinic was conducted for all adults and children.  Games kept the children occupied while formal education was given.
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Tetanus vaccine for young and old

People living along the rivers are at especially high risk for tetanus, working with machetes and rusty and dirty equipment, etc.  Thanks to our sponsor Eske Corporation of Lima, Peru, and a donation of tetanus vaccine, we were able to vaccinate 300 people during our March trip, young and old alike, everyone cheering each other on to grin and bear it.

Records were kept for the Peruvian Minister of Health statistics.

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New wheelchair brings dignity

DIGNITY: We found this young man crawling on the ground to get around. By his demeanor and actions, he appeared to be retarded. When dentist Jeff lifted him into a wheelchair, he was transformed into a dignified person, holding himself erect and smiling radiantly. We had transported the wheelchair for a young boy in another village, but before we could deliver it, we found this young man. After a brief discussion, we decided to give it to him and buy another chair later for the young boy.  It was a very powerful moment for us all.

The wheelchair was a private donation from Donna DeAngelis, with Sara Warzecka buying the second chair.

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Grant monies impact multiple programs

Monies from grants can have have multiple impact on our programs.  Due to grant monies, we have acquired a generator has made it possible for us to power the dental machines to clean and restore teeth;  to power the projector to use in  all of our educational classes; and to power our cryotherapy unit to treat cervical cancer.

We wish to thank the recent organizations who have chosen DB Peru to receive their grants:

  •  Dining for Women
  • the United States Embassy Association of Lima, Peru
  • St. Isidore’s Catholic Church of MI

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Midwives learn to help newborn babies

In March the Denver School of Nursing senior nursing students participated in the midwife class, training them on essential skills for caring for healthy babies and assisting babies who do not breathe on their own.   Each midwife practiced the techniques on a doll mannequin donated by nursing facilitator Sue Hammerton.  This class was developed by Dr. Jessica Landry.

In addition they taught a class for midwives to teach first-time mothers about the labor, delivery and birth experience.  This class was developed by medical student Lauren Oberle.

These 2 topics had previously been identified by the midwives as the most important learning needs they had.

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