Darleen Diane Bowie

Diana Bowie co-founded DB Peru in 2002 to provide healthcare and health education for people living in remote areas of the Amazon.

In the early part of her career, Diana worked as a clinical nurse then moved into hospital administration spending 20 years in hospitals in Florida, California and Tennessee, serving most recently as a Vice-President and Senior Nurse Executive. She has also taught research at the College of St. Francis.

Diana has jumped into action volunteering in Haiti following the earthquake, and in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. She has volunteered for Hospice, the American Heart Association, Habitat for Humanity, and the United Way. Diana has also served as the past President of the American Women’s Literary Club of Lima, Peru and as a Director of the American & Canadian Association of Peru.

Diana Bowie is a Registered Nurse and is also certified as an Emergency Nurse. She received both her Bachelor’s degree and Master’s in Business Administration from Tusculum College in Tennessee.

She was raised in Naples, Florida, but has made Lima, Peru her home since 2001. She is the proud mother to five children and even prouder grandmother to ten.

Renzo Pena

In 2002 Renzo co-founded DB Peru, which represents 2 organizations with the same mission in the USA and in Peru. Since that time, he and volunteers have made more than 70 trips to the remote jungle areas of the Peruvian Amazon to bring education and healthcare.

Renzo studied as an Engineer in electronics at the university USMP, and has been the project manager for completion of the Santa Maria School in Pachacamac, and the installation of the automotive mechanic school at Cuidad de los Ninos in San Juan de Miraflores.

Renzo Peña is currently the owner and General Manager of Peru Well Traveled Tour Company, and is past co-owner of a transport company.

Born and raised in Lima, he and his wife and 3 children live in the city.

USA Officers and Board of Directors

The Board of Directors in the United States meets annually with an agenda that includes strategic planning, guidance and approval of budget. Each Director has responsibilities in at least one committee of which the President Diana Bowie and/or the Vice President Renzo Peña are ex-oficio members.

DB Peru Inc. is designed as a Not-for-Profit Corporation in Florida, and annual corporate reports are made to the Florida State Department of State. Corporate bylaws are registered with this agency.

The corporation DB Peru Inc. is registered by the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services as complying with the Solicitation of Contributions Act and renewed annually.

The Internal Revenue Service has designated this corporation as a public charity and is exempt from Federal income tax under section 501c3 of the code from year 2003.
Patrick M Burns CPA, PA of Orlando, FL prepares and files tax returns annually.

Darleen Diane Bowie
President and Co-Founder
Lima, Peru

Renzo Peña
Vice President and Co-Founder
Lima, Peru

Norva Achenbaugh, Treasurer
Naples, Florida

Cindi Anderson, Director
Phoenix, Arizona

Sharon Blackburn, Director
Wilton, New Hampshire

Donna DeAngelis, Director
Boston, Massachusetts

Yvonne Galloway, Secretary
Houston, Texas / London, England

Romelia Hamburger, Director
New York, New York / The Hague

Ann Griswold, Director

Morristown, New Jersey


Professional Advisory Board

Archie Boster, Attorney at Law, Legal Advisor
Lima, Peru

Patrick Burns, CPA, Accountant
Orlando, Florida

Circo Petit, Advisor for Native Affairs
Iquitos, Peru

Katie Seitz, MD, Medical Advisor
Denver, Colorado

The Rev. Ralph Ranney, Ethics Advisor
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Geordan Shannon, MD, Medical Director
London, England

Linnea Smith, MD, Medical Advisor
Yanamono, Peru

Peru Officers and Board of Directors

Asociación DB Perú is registered with SUNAT to issue Certificates of Donation in Peru. Asociación DB Perú is registered with APCI in Agencia Peruana de Cooperación Internacional in Peru.

Darleen Diane Bowie
President and Co-founder
Lima, Peru

Renzo Peña
Vice President and Co-founder
Lima, Peru

Lori Myers, Director
Knoxville, TN, USA

Raul Petit, Director
Iquitos, Peru

Emma Vinces-Trelles, Director
Piura, Peru

DB Peru Community Advisory Board, Lima, Peru

Tony Custer, Honorary Chairman
Marie Alvarez-Calderon                                  Jessica Novak
Lauris Burns                                                     Aviv Nangia
Dennis Ferguson                                             John Waymire, Radio Electronics