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Parade Magazine – DB Peru rated a top charity that keeps giving all year long

We are delighted to be listed in Parade’s article about Top-Rated Charities for giving during the holidays and throughout the year. Toward the bottom of the article (click below) it reads:
Give the gift of good health 
In 2001, Diana Bowie visited Peru as a tourist and learned of the massive healthcare needs—education, supplies and treatment—of people living in jungle communities. Ever since, this retired American ER nurse has been organizing trips (over 70 and counting) to bring medical care and knowledge to the most remote places in the Amazon River region of Peru.

Top-Rated Charities that Keep Giving All Year Long


Climate Change Comes to the Jungle, too

Climate Change Comes to the Jungle, too

The diverse backgrounds of the volunteers who go with us to the jungle help us to see the challenges of village life through different eyes, from different view points.
One recent volunteer observed life in the villages under high water and, through her eyes as a climate change specialist, wrote about the challenges presented by the
impacts of climate change in remote communities worldwide. See her full article here.

Diana Bowie Interviewed by The Guardian

DB Peru’s Diana Bowie was recently quoted extensively in an article on pointers for NGO’s in developing countries in “The Guardian”: “Consequently, Bowie is very mindful of the importance of maintaining good local relations. To this end, she has developed a code of ethics and a handbook that she shares with all prospective volunteers before they travel. Along with a clear statement of the NGO’s mission and practical questions, such as clothing, health and safety, this stresses the importance of sensitivity to the indigenous population. It features considerations such as what images are appropriate to share on social media and the importance of refraining from imposing religious and cultural values that the local community may not share.” The article included information on the original founding of the organization and Diana’s inspiration for beginning the work. […/before-you-travel-pointers-for…]