Our mission is to partner with local communities to provide access to healthcare knowledge and delivery, and to improve living conditions for the people of Peru.


Traveling by boat to the remote and unspoiled areas of the Peruvian Amazon jungle, we work with the indigenous people to improve their limited access to healthcare. We have routinely been working in 28 villages in the lower Napo River region since 2002. Those villages represent more than 6000 people, with 60% being children.


DB Peru brings primary and emergency healthcare, dental clinics, medicines, communications equipment and donated supplies to the villages along the Napo River. We provide classes and seminars educating village leaders, health promotores, midwives, and families in emergent and necessary health care practices.  Through education and training we are empowering the people within their communities to become advocates for creating sustainable solutions for their healthcare needs. By bringing health services and basic care closer to the people, we are decreasing the need for the people to leave their villages, families and homes in possibly compromised conditions.


Because of the remoteness of the area and the scarce transportation available, accessibility to these communities is limited. And, due to seasonal changes, the river levels fall leaving some villages completely inaccessible. DB Peru is the only healthcare NGO that has consistently traveled to this part of the Amazon. Thanks to the ongoing leadership of Diana Bowie and Renzo Peña and their belief that every individual deserves access to medical treatment, DB Peru has established a network of local leaders and gifted volunteers committed to providing ongoing healthcare services with compassion, dignity and respect. Their ongoing belief that because “they can, they should” has been a driving force on every mission.